“Obtaining IP address” 



“Connected to Wifi network”

Hallelujah. Maya felt like she had the world at her feet when she was connected to the world wide web. Her fingers poised over the keyboard, she closed her eyes and slowly counted to 10.

She heard the siren calls of the traffic in the street outside. She could hear the pew-pew of the video games of her neighbour’s children as they battled each other in the latest Fifa installment.The tv blared in the room next door where her room mate sat with her bowl of popcorn carefully balanced on her stomach as her glazed eyes stared at re runs of How I Met Your Mother. 

Maya sighed.

“Nothing new.” , she thought and began typing, “www.go-”

Bang. The light went out. She looked up at the solitary bulb, the glow slowly fading out of the filament.

She looked at the now ridiculously bright laptop screen and saw the wifi had fizzled out. 
She got up and walked to the window and looked out to the dark street with the occasional poorly lit store. She could see the glowing red cigarette butts in the hands of the street vagabonds, laughing racously in the corner.

Closer home, she heard the old man in the flat above her’s with dementia, crooning a love song to his dead wife.

Walking back to the laptop, she closed it, depriving the room of its single source of light. She lay down and rested her head on the cold granite. The shadows of the moving vehicles outside glided across the ceiling.

As she lay there, listening to the off note tones of the man who had forgotten, she realised that just for a few minutes, she wanted to forget her surroundings too.

She didn’t want the lights to come back on.


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