“Come on, you can do it” whispered the voice in my head.

“I’m nervous.” I thought.

“Don’t be. This is what you deserve.”

I clutched my world in a small bag in my hand and stepped over the threshold. The sun was just setting and it cast an unearthly glow over the street which was now beginning to buzz with men on the prowl. Heads turned as I began walking.

“You’ll come crawlin’ back to me, just you wait!!” I heard the voice of the woman who had controlled me for years and years without compassion from the roof of the building I’d just left.

Men, tall and short, thin and fat, young and old, passed me as i walked on. Most of them looked at me with flickers of recognition on their faces and registered the bag in my hand and turned back for a second glance.



Words, empty words were thrown at me from all sides. I stopped. I turned to take one last glance at what had been my home my entire life. Girls of my age leaned over the parapet, flashing their bodies for sale, as their souls silently screamed resistance.

A few of them reluctantly looked at me, at the freedom in my footsteps. They looked away before they could be pulled into the abyss that they believed it was. I turned back and started walking before I too, could get sucked back in.

I never looked back.


8 thoughts on “To the girl who walked away

  1. Hey Amrita. What you have written is so true. How I wish I could change things for those girls. Actually it’s circumstances that make people do all sorts of things. Hope one day we will live in a society where everything is good and everybody is good. Looking forward to such great posts from you. Keep writing.

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