” Josephine! You’re up.” 

Josephine tore her eyes away from the swirling view of the galaxy and glided to the pedestal where the angel had summoned her

“Are you Josephine?” She asked, looking her up and down.

“Yep. That’s me.” She said with a crooked smile.

“Okay, first things first, how was your recent life experience? ” the angel was brisk, with a no nonsense attitude.

“Oh, it was cool. A nice supportive family, though the father was a bit of an asshole, I-” She was interrupted with a disapproving shake from the angel.

“Oh, sorry. Guess it kinda rubbed off on me during my time there. I always seem to bring back a little. Something or the other influences me and it kinda just latches on, you know what I mean?” The expression on the angel’s face said, she didn’t. Josephine retreated quickly and waited for the next question.

The angel gave her a lingering look and consulted the sheet in front of her. “It says here on the record that you died of morphine overdose. Is that correct?”

“Oh yeah. I was getting operated for something or the other and the doctor made a simple mistake. I can see now that he’s really beating himself up about it. I wish I could tell him not to worry though, he actually gave me a pretty painless death….” She trailed off.

“Okay Josephine.Here’s a list of upcoming births, make your choice quickly. There’s not much time.” The angel handed her a sheet of paper with the locations of the births written on it.

“Are all of these humans females?”

” Yes.”

Josephine looked down at the list and felt an inner longing.

” Uh…I think…I want to be a male this time.” The angel looked up.

“Did you say you want to inhabit a male body?”

“Yes. I would like to, very much. ”

“Josephine, thats against the rules.”

“I didn’t know there were rules. Who decides these things?”

“Well, it isn’t in the rule book if that’s what you ask. However, it’s not normal.”  

” I don’t see how it matters whether it’s female or male. I’ve made my decision.” A small crowd had gathered around them.

The angel looked livid. She conjured up a different sheet of paper and handed it to Josephine.

Josephine looked down at it.

There was Tanzania , New Zealand,  India,  Moscow,  Boston….the list went on and on. Josephine settled on Costa Rica and handed the list back to the angel. “Number 31, Costa Rica.” She said,  with conviction.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Another angel had spoken.

“I don’t, really. All I know is we should be allowed to take decisions freely. Not bogged down by anything.” The other angels looked at each other,  bewildered. They hadn’t seen anything like that before. 

“Well hurry up if you must! Time’s running out.” The angel at the pedestal barked. With a swipe of her hand,  she opened a portal. 

Josephine geared up for the painful journey of entering the body of the baby that was soon to be born.

She leapt,  throwing herself headlong into the gaping hole and soon she could hear the wails of her soon to be mother.

“Not long now.” She thought.

A few minutes later, she had taken the first look of the extra ordinary journey she had chosen to embark on.
Image source: Tumblr.


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