She was standing at the window, drinking her morning latte when she felt a presence. She turned around to find her sitting on the couch, arms swinging, legs crossed. 

“About time. Where have you been all this while?” Asked Maya. 

“Oh, just been you know, here and there..” Creativity shrugged. “Im a busy person and I can’t keep hanging around you all the time, you realise that don’t you?” 


Creativity got off the couch. “Hey, come now. I’m here now aren’t I?” 

“Ideas don’t grow on trees like leaves, you should know that more than anyone else.” 

“Well, surely you have something up your sleeve? Now that I’m here, you can finally start on it or finish it, or whatever. Right?” said Creativity eagerly, laying her hand on Maya’s shoulder. 

“It doesn’t work that way!!” Maya shook her hand off and slammed her cup down. It shattered into a thousand pieces. They flew in different directions and came to rest in random patterns.

Creativity tutted. Then she perked up.

“Hey maybe you could work with that! Look at the way the shattered pieces have come to fall in a seemingly random pattern. Get it? It’s random, but they still form a pattern.”

Maya scratched her head. “You know what, thats actually not that bad. Maybe you’re right. I COULD work with that. And maybe I could add an element of-” She stopped. She looked around. Creativity was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello? Creativity?” Maya called. There was no answer. 


*Story of my life.* 

*picture by Forever Just Jess*


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