You have skepticism written all over your face

I saw it when I said I study psychology.

You don’t quite know what to say, To you, it’s all the same.

There’s a long pause of silence on your end of the telephone line

I heard it when I said I study literature.

The silence swells and fills the space between us

And just like that, I’m differentiated from the rest.

You give me a look of pity when

I say I’m studying history

“don’t bother about the past”, you tell me.

To you I say, “if I don’t dwell on the past, how else can I escape today’s reality?”

Your laughter echoes off the walls

You think it’s funny that I study philosophy. I find it amusing as well

When I grasp the meaning of my existence

While you bury your head in religion.

And now, as you wrap your beliefs around me

Like a shroud, watch, as it turns into snakes.


In their eternally open eyes, the reflection

As I take my flight of freedom, And you remain frozen in time, forever.


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